Biophytis � Macuneos (BIO201) Stargardt's Macular Degeneration

Biophytis is developing a portfolio of programs that target biological resilience pathways that slow the degenerative processes associated with aging and improve functional outcomes for patients suffering from age-related diseases. Macuneos (BIO201), is an orally administered small molecule for the treatment of diseases of the retina, specifically macular degeneration. Based on preclinical studies, it is believed that Macuneos (BIO201) stimulates biological resilience through non-canonical activation of the transrepressive activity of PPARs and may protect the retina against phototoxic damage caused by A2E (a by-product of the visual pigment cycle) accumulation that leads to vision loss. Macuneos (BIO201) is in the preclinical in vivo stage of testing Stargardt’s macular degeneration.