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When a project is successfully funded, be sure to thank your contributors in the updates tab and keep them informed as your research gets under way. They will be happy to see their funds being put to good use, and be keenly interested in the progress of your work.


Receiving Your Funds:

Once your project campaign ends with successfully raised funds, we will begin the process of transferring funds to you as quickly as possible. This process will vary slightly depending on your institution and payment processing speed, but the requirements areΒ 

  • A direct gift to the researcher
  • No overhead on the funds
  • Researcher does not share contributor data (emails, address, etc.)



If your project campaign involved rewards, it is your responsibility to fulfill them. In the case of physical items, shipping is also part of that responsibility. You can do some research online in regards to mailing packages yourself, or you can outsource this process by searching for fulfillment services that can handle shipping for a cost.