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Peter Fedichev, Ph.D.

About Peter Fedichev, Ph.D.

Peter Fedichev is a scientist and biotech entrepreneur. His scientific background lies in the field of condensed matter physics, biophysics and bioinformatics. Peter earned M.S. in theoretical physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam. He conducted research at Kurchatov Institute, one of the leading science government agencies in Russia, FOM Institute AMOLF (Netherlands), Moscow University of Physics and Technology, and the University of Innsbruck. To date, he has published over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals covering his research on physics, biophysics and aging biology. Peter is a founder ofΒ Gero, a data-driven longevity startup focused on developing therapies that will strongly extend a healthy human lifespan.

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