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Mikhail Batin is the CEO and co-founder of Open Longevity and founded the Science for Life Extension Foundation in 2008. He has experience in the political and business worlds and now works as a professional transhumanist and advocate for longevity. He organizes scientific conferences and fundraising events along with traditional grants and crowdfunding. He has aided in several lab research projects, books, art projects, video materials, and related items. He has participated in international conferences and raised awareness about transhumanist ideas throughout the world.

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Mikhail Batin from Openlongevity
The life extension community has a number of long serving people in its ranks, and one of the longest-active of those in Russia is Mikhail Batin. His activities go way back to 2008 when the non-profit organization Science for Life Extension Foundation, which was first created with the mission to support scientific research to develop...