Gabriela Bunu

About Gabriela Bunu

Gabriela Bunu is a bioinformatics PhD student at the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy. Currently, she is a research assistant in the Systems Biology of Aging Group - a multidisciplinary team that combines computational biology, machine learning, data science, and wet lab experiments to solve complex biological problems. Gabriela focuses on curation for aging-related data, developing pipelines for analysis of large screen datasets and network-based analyses. She has a multidisciplinary background, having studied for two B.Sc. in parallel: Computer Science and Pharmacy, followed by a residency programme in Pharmaceutical Laboratory. Her experience in the field of biogerontology has started during her undergrad years, when she studied the oxidative stress biomarkers in hypertension in the elderly, as part of her graduation project at the National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics β€œAna Aslan” in Bucharest.

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