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Brian Delaney

About Brian Delaney

Brian helped found theย Calorie Restriction Society International, and has been its president for over twenty years. He has published a book on calorie restriction and longevity, with Lisa Walford,ย The Longevity Diet, as well as numerous articles on aging and life-extension. He recently became president of theย Society for Age Reversalย in order to help advance research into very near-term solutions to the problem of aging, and to make existing treatments of age-related maladies more widely available. He lectures frequently, focusing on recent research findings and how they can be applied today to our health maintenance and age-reversal regimens. Brian helps scientists move from concept to initial company formation, and is a co-founder and partner of the venture capital companyย Emergency Longevity Ventures. After early, formative years studying science, Brian turned largely towards the humanities in his post-secondary education. He received an A.B. in music from Brown University, completed the requirements for a masterโ€™s degree in sociology from the University of California at Berkeley, and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago, working on a dissertation on nineteenth-century German philosophy. He has translated a number of texts in philosophy, including (with Sven-Olov Wallenstein), G.W.F. Hegelโ€™sย Phenomenology of Spirit, from German to Swedish, for which he was awarded a prize from the Swedish Academy.

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