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Brady Hartman

Brady Hartman

About Brady Hartman

Brady is the editor of the longevity focused blog and is an active advocate for rejuvenation biotechnology and geroscience.

Articles from this author

Thirty-seven-year-old Nick Asoian of Denver unsuccessfully fought Hodgkin’s Lymphoma using conventional cancer treatments for two years.  In 2008, while in New Zealand for a ski race, Nick was diagnosed with the condition. Two bone marrow transplants and two years of chemotherapy combined with radiation therapy didn’t bring his cancer to heel. A few years ago,...
Completely bald and with wrinkly skin, the naked mole rat is one of the ugliest creatures around but lives an exceptionally long life for a small mammal. It rarely develops the chronic diseases of aging, such as cancer, and lives 10 times longer than regular rats. The First Non-Aging Mammal In the first significant announcement...