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Edifice Health

Organization Description

Edifice Health is a Stanford spin-out company based in Silicon Valley and focused on immunological health and personalised nutrition. The company has developed a trackable biomarker for systemic chronic inflammation. The company saw a $12 million investment from Leaps by Bayer in April 2021 which has allowed them to progress the development of its biomarker and inflammaging management approaches.

Their Inflammatory Age, (iAge) test is based on a 10 year NIH funded longitudinal research at Stanford University called the Stanford 1,000 Immunomes Project. The decade long project focused on immunological health and aging at Stanford University. Edifice Health is using proteomics combined with their proprietary AI and analysis systems to measure the rate at which a person ages. They measure systemic chronic inflammation, known as inflammaging, a known driver of aging and age-related diseases to determine the likely aging trajectory a person is on.

Their research revealed that everyone has a unique immunotype and that each person has differing sources of inflammaging. They have also identified some supplements that can be tailored to an individual’s immunotype and suggest that taking them could support healthy longevity by reducing systemic inflammation. Edifice Health claims they have identified over 150 actionable interventions that could reduce systemic chronic inflammation levels. These include specific combinations of nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, medical foods, prescription drugs, and life-style modification.

The company plans to expand its operations to include pharmaceutical applications that target specific diseases and partnering with companies to create food, beverage and nutritional products.