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Tag: Virtual Event

DeSci Berlin
The future of research funding is changing, and DeSci is set to play a key role in that. Focusing on how science will change in the future, the DeSci.Berlin event will happen on May 23 and 24. Visit the VitaDAO website to learn how you can get involved. Researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs are using blockchain...
The Rejuveron Age Better, Live Longer Symposium is only a few days away now! On May 10th, 2022 at 5:00 - 8:00 PM Central European Time, this one-day virtual event will explore the world of aging research and longevity. The event will consist of a series of three discussion panels, and you can join the...
EARD2020 Online
The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all walks of life and threatens the eldest among us most of all. It reminds us once again how important is our collective work in developing therapies to address the root mechanisms of aging, and thereby reversing age-related damage and frailty.  Today aging research is more critical than ever, and the...