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Tag: Proteomics

The latest research in Aging Cell has brought to light new insights into the biology of aging and associated therapeutic candidates. What is multi-omics? "-omics" refers to branches of molecular biology that attempt to characterize and/or quantify their components in totality, often using recently developed big data technologies. For example, genetics is the study of...
DNA data
A new analysis has revealed a core set of genes involved in aging in both humans and mice. Together with a broader set of age-related genes assembled by the study [1], this resource will serve as a launching point for further investigations of the mechanisms behind aging and age-related diseases. The heart of the matter...
Recently, a group of South Korean scientists has analyzed the blood proteome of mice to determine how it changes with age and to identify aging-related proteins that have previously eluded researchers. After identifying several such proteins, the group focused on a specific protein, cadherin-13, that seems to prevent age-related bone loss [1]. The plasma proteome...