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LEAF president Keith Comito has appeared on the Geekdom101 Podcast with Big D from Superfriends, KLB, and World of Geekdom. This show explores the world of geek culture, video games, and science, and it recently gave Keith the opportunity to come and talk about aging research and the work that is doing. This interview...
Suppose that, at a point, you get completely, irreparably tired of life and want to die. In these circumstances, how willing would you be to bear with around twenty more years of the same life that you can't stand any more, particularly in a state of declining health? It would seem more reasonable that if...
LEAF Vice President Dr. Oliver Medvedik and host of our monthly Journal Club recently did a podcast with Future Grind where he discusses his interest in aging research and his views on life extension. At the age of 18, he had many things he wanted to do with his life but he decided back then...