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Tag: Partial cellular reprogramming

June 07, 2019
Not so long ago, it was my 44th birthday, and I've finally decided to write something that I've been reflecting on for a while. To some people, a birthday is a cause for celebration; for others, it is viewed as a bad thing. Yes, if you take the negative view, you could see it as...
March 20, 2019
We have talked about the potential of partial cellular reprogramming in previous articles, and today, we want to draw attention to a new paper that promises to further refine reversal of epigenetic aging in cells. As we age, our cells experience alterations to their epigenetic markers, and this changes gene expression, which is proposed to...
January 17, 2019
Today, we chronicle the progress of OSKM and discuss how this powerful treatment may be able to reprogram cells back into a youthful state, at least partially reversing the hallmark of epigenetic alterations and other hallmarks as well. The birth of cellular reprogramming In 2006, a study by Drs. Takahashi and Yamanaka showed that it...