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Tag: Nanorobots

April 14, 2020
A group of researchers has succeeded in engineering a new kind of microscopic bio-object that may one day be used for personalized diagnostics and targeted delivery of drugs. The object consists of a genetically modified E. coli bacterium and nanoerythrosomes (small vesicles made of red blood cells), and it demonstrates a substantial improvement in motility...
Smiley face
February 12, 2020
DNA origami, a nano-scale technique used to make very tiny smiley faces out of DNA, is becoming increasingly valuable for drug delivery and other applications, paving the way for true nanomedicine. What is DNA origami? Ever since Richard Feynman famously proclaimed in his seminal 1959 talk that "there’s plenty of room at the bottom", nanotechnology...
August 10, 2018
One extremely promising and emerging field of research is nano-biotechnology. Nano-biotechnology could potentially be an extremely powerful tool in our quest for a longer, healthier life. Senescent cells are known to be essential in multiple aging processes. Getting rid of these problem cells is, therefore, something we could do to potentially increase our healthy lifespan,...
June 21, 2018
At least in the developed world, cancer, heart diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases are among the greatest causes of mortality. One emerging and very promising way to prevent or cure these diseases is through bio-nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the design, synthesis and application of materials or devices that are on the nanometer scale (one billionth of a...
February 14, 2018
Researchers have created tiny DNA nanorobots that can deliver a protein payload that cuts off the blood supply to tumors in mice. DNA Origami According to a new study, the research team was able to create DNA nanorobots that can travel through the bloodstream, locate tumors, and deliver a protein that induces blood clotting, thus...