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Tag: mtDNA

A new study conducted by a team of Japanese scientists and published in Scientific Reports details how cells can have their damaged mitochondria destroyed and replaced with healthy ones, offering a potential solution to the problem of mitochondrial dysfunction. Why we Age: Mitochondrial DysfunctionAs they age, the mitochondria in our cells lose their ability to...
Researchers have developed what can be described as the first precision gene editing tool for mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). This new tool is different from the well-known CRISPR/Cas9 method of gene editing and should make the study of mitochondrial biology and mitochondrial diseases easier. This new discovery is a game changer Prior to this, creating mouse...
Researchers from SENS Research Foundation, including Matthew O'Connor and Amutha Boominathan, have published a new study showing how codons play an important role in getting copies of mitochondrial genes placed in the cellular nucleus to express themselves correctly [1]. A possible solution to mitochondrial diseases Mitochondrial disease is not a single disease; in fact, it...
Independent in blood
The mitochondria are well known as being the powerhouses of the cell, as they convert nutrients into the energy that our cells need in order to function and remain alive. Until recently, it was believed that they remain within our cells all their lives, but a new discovery by researchers at the Montpellier Cancer Research...