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Tag: Michael Rae

Looking forward
We recently caught up with Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae from SENS Research Foundation (SRF) about the landscape in the field. We asked them two simple questions, and they joined forces to give us their combined insights. First, do you think we can defeat aging? Of course I think we can defeat...
Back in January, we were joined by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Amutha Boominathan, Dr. Matthew O'Conner, and Michael Rae from the SENS Research Foundation for a webinar discussion panel focused on MitoSENS, the mitochondrial repair program. During the webinar, a number of points were discussed, and the Lifespan Heroes in the audience got to...
Our work is largely supported by the generosity of our monthly patrons, the Lifespan Heroes, and this year, we will be showing our appreciation for that support with the launch of a brand new initiative - our new webinar series where you can meet the scientists working on the solutions to aging and age-related diseases....