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Tag: Mayo Clinic

Strawberries are a source of fisetin.
We take a look at the popular supplement fisetin and see how it stacks up as a potential anti-aging supplement. What is Fisetin? Fisetin is a plant polyphenol and part of the flavonoid group in the flavonol sub-category. Β It is present in many trees and plants, including Eudicotyledons, Acacia greggii, Quebracho colorado, Rhus cotinus, and...
Missing pieces of the brain
A new study by a team of researchers, including Dr. Kirkland of Mayo Clinic, shows the effect of whole-body senolytic treatment on the health and function of the brain. This follows up on previous Mayo Clinic research led by Dr. James Kirkland. That experiment treated mice with a combination of the cancer drug dasatinib and...