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Tag: Longevity Prize

H.E. Justin Sun Interview
In October, H.E. Justin Sun, founder of the blockchain DAO ecosystem TRON, announced his donation to The Longevity Prize, a series of prizes designed to boost longevity science. In so doing, he has joined the ranks of other crypto entrepreneurs interested in the evolving field. In this interview, he tells more about why he...
The Longevity Prize has just received its second largest donation to date. The latest contribution has come from cryptocurrency entrepreneur and founder of the blockchain DAO ecosystem TRON, H.E. Justin Sun, who has confirmed his donation of $51K to the fund, telling I am proud to support the Longevity Prize and what it stands...
LSN Longevity Prize
The Longevity Prize is a series of prizes designed to honor the researchers who are helping to build a future in which age-related diseases are a thing of the past. This new initiative aims to accelerate progress in the rejuvenation biotechnology field and encourage innovation. While great strides in our understanding of aging have been...