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Tag: Inflammaging

Complicated machinery
February 12, 2021
Aging is a multifactorial and complex process; indeed, it is probably the most complex disorder known. It is made up of a combination of dozens of malfunctions locked together in an accelerating spiral of decline. Despite this undeniable complexity, which is captured to some extent by grouping the many age-related dysfunctions into nine categories often...
Helminths under a microscope
February 04, 2021
A review conducted by researchers at the Institute for Healthy Ageing at University College London in the UK has determined that infestation of the gut microbiome by helminths, a category of parasitic worms, may be a potential method of curbing the age-related inflammation known as inflammaging, thus delaying the onset of age-related diseases. InflammagingInflammaging is...
January 04, 2021
The results of a recent study suggest that fisetin appears to reduce the development of bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis [1]. Fisetin is a plant polyphenol and part of the flavonoid group in the flavonol sub-category. The earliest record of isolated fisetin dates back to 1833 from the smoke bush (Rhus cotinus). Its basic chemical characteristics were...
Mouse brain maze
December 23, 2020
A new article published in Aging and Disease has taken a look at what two stem cell-activating growth factors can do in aged mice with Alzheimer's-like pathology. Alzheimer's disease (AD) is perhaps the most age-related of all age-related diseases. Perhaps not coincidentally, it has also been the most stubborn disease to develop treatments for. One...
Journal Club
September 25, 2020
Dr. Oliver Medvedik and the Journal Club will be returning on September 30th at 1:00 PM EDT live on our Facebook page. The topic for this month is going to be a new study that implicates an innate immune inflammatory protein in disease progression using mouse models. Innate immunity is associated with Alzheimer's disease, but...
September 03, 2020
A research team led by Dr. Brian Kennedy has shown that administration of alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG), a natural metabolite in the citric acid cycle, improves both lifespan and healthspan in middle-aged mice. Modest increase in lifespan For this study, the researchers administered a calcium salt of AKG, CaAKG, to 18-month-old male and female Black 6 mice,...