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Tag: HSCs

Cancer cells
Researchers publishing in Cell Reports Medicine have described a method of using off-the-shelf, allogeneic immune cells as cancer therapy. Overcoming the hurdles of allogeneic cells Allogeneic cells come from other sources than the individual being treated. As recipients of organ donations know, if the immune system identifies foreign cells, it will attack them. This is...
Bone Marrow
In a study published in Aging, researchers have found that younger hematopoietic cells can restore older hematopoietic cells through microvesicles, which are facilitators of intercellular communication. Why we Age: Altered Intercellular CommunicationAltered intercellular communication, as described in the Hallmarks of Aging, is the change in signals between cells that can lead to some of the...
Small meal
A review published in The Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences has outlined what effects caloric restriction (CR) has on the development and differentiation of stem cells. Stem cells and their exhaustion The reviewers began by discussing stem cell exhaustion, a hallmark of aging and a common concern of aging research that we have covered extensively....
DNA Blood Cells
Researchers publishing in Cell Stem Cell have identified a protein that helps hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) both in ex vivo cultures and in aging tissues. The problem with culturing cells Why we Age: Loss of ProteostasisThe loss of proteostasis is the failure of the protein building machinery of the cell and the accumulation of misfolded...