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Tag: Harvard

Mouse eye
Researchers at the Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School have restored lost vision to old mice, and mice with damaged retinal nerves, using partial cellular reprogramming. The aged cells can be reset to become younger again using this approach and are better at repairing damaged tissue. The approach has huge potential in the treatment of...
We have wonderful news today: the NAD+ Mouse Project has reached the first stretch goal of $45k! This greatly expands the scope of the experiment, which will now include a long-term study of the effects of NMN on aging in regular and ICE mice. Attaining our first stretch goal will enable us to perform longer...
Vadim Gladyshev is an important aging researcher.
We have recently had occasion to have a chat with Dr. Vadim Gladyshev, Professor of Medicine and Director of Redox Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, in Boston, Massachusetts. He is an expert in aging and redox biology and is known for his characterization of the human selenoproteome. His research laboratory focuses...