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Tag: Glucose

Muscle fibers
In recent years, there has been considerable interest in the naturally occurring molecule and dietary supplement nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and its potential influence on aging. While there have been numerous animal studies suggesting that it may be useful in combating some age-related decline, there has been a lack of human data until now. In previous...
Glucuronic Acid
A recent study suggests that circulating glucuronic acid may be a useful predictor of both lifespan and healthspan in humans and mice. What is glucuronic acid? Glucuronic acid is a metabolite of glucose and is critical for the detoxification of xenobiotic substances. These are compounds that are not naturally produced, should not normally be in...
Somewhat serendipitously, Salk Institute researchers discovered that depleting the microbiomes of mice causes the animals to have lower levels of blood glucose as well as improved insulin sensitivity [1]. Abstract Antibiotic-induced microbiome depletion (AIMD) has been used frequently to study the role of the gut microbiome in pathological conditions. However, unlike germ-free mice, the effects...