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Tag: Geriatrics

May 30, 2019
Today, we're releasing the first episode of X10, and for this Life Extension 101 episode, we're going to start with the most fundamental thing about life extension: its basic definition. In this week's informative episode, Nicola explains what this often-misused term really means and what it implies. While defining this important concept, he discusses rejuvenation...
December 04, 2018
If you open an article dedicated to supercentenarians,it is very likely that at its very beginning,you will see the name of Jeanne Calment,the oldest known person in the world,who is believed to have lived for up to 122 years.Jeanne is not merely a unique phenomenon from the point of view of statistics;over the years,she became...
September 07, 2018
Some time ago, I noticed a stock photo of an old lady seeing her geriatrician, who was a much younger woman. Nothing special was happening in the picture, which showed just two people talking; however, it made me wonder what it must feel like to be an elderly person consulting a geriatrician. One initial assumption...