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Tag: Genome

DNA mutation
July 16, 2020
A new perspective published in Cell explains a direct link between genomic instability, one of the primary hallmarks of aging, and age-related diseases. Somatic mutations Mutation is normally explained as the driving force behind evolution, as changes in the germ lines of organisms result in beneficial and harmful mutations to organisms. The organisms with the...
July 07, 2020
A group of scientists from Colorado State University has discovered that repetitive elements (REs) in our DNA increase with aging and react to known longevity-promoting interventions [1]. Are REs genomic parasites? At the dawn of genomic research scientists were stunned to learn that as much as 95% of our genome is non-coding: it does not...
March 29, 2020
This month the Journal Club returns with a double helping of science! Dr. Oliver Medvedik will be hosting the Journal Club this month and covering not one, but two scientific publications. The first is the 2014 "A three-dimensional map of the human genome at kilobase resolution reveals principles of chromatin looping" paper [1]. We use...
Gene sequencing
March 05, 2020
Earlier this year, the CEO of Illumina gave a presentation in which he reaffirmed his company's intention to drive the cost of human genome sequencing down to a mere hundred dollars. This has ramifications for every branch of medicine, including rejuvenation biotechnology. Drastically declining costs In 2001, the year when the Human Genome Project was...
DNA damage
December 10, 2019
DNA damage, which results in genomic instability, is one of the primary hallmarks of aging. Today, we want to highlight an recent open access review that explores the DNA damage response during aging. The role of DNA damage Some researchers have long suggested that damage to our DNA is a major reason why we age...
sudden downtrend
December 06, 2019
After experiencing financial issues, DNA testing company Veritas Genetics has announced the suspension of its U.S. operations in an unexpected announcement on December 4th 2019. The company is perhaps best known for being co-founded by renowned Harvard University geneticist George Church and has been working towards reducing the costs of genome sequencing so that it...