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Tag: Evolutionary Biology

In a paper in Frontiers in Genetics, Maël Lemoine of France’s CNRS offers an evolutionary perspective on the hallmarks of aging [1]. This review examines the appearance of the hallmarks in different groups across the tree of life, with the aim of providing a comprehensive picture of how the mechanisms of aging have evolved. With...
Elena Milova was at the Interventions to extend healthspan and lifespan 2018 conference in Kazan. This is an important conference in the aging research field, and it includes a variety of leading experts giving talks about their research. During the event, Elena had the opportunity to talk with professor David Gems about his work and...
Today we bring you an interview with author and researcher Dr. Josh Mitteldorf who runs the aging research blog Aging Matters. Dr. Josh Mitteldorf is an evolutionary biologist and a long-time contributor to the growing field of aging science. His work in this field has focused on theories of aging. He asks the basic question:...