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Tag: Crosslinks

Dr. Jonathan Clark
December 09, 2020
At Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, Dr. Jonathan Clark of the Babraham Institute gave a presentation on the effects of cross-linked collagen on the elastic deformation of our tendons, which connect muscles and bones. The conventional wisdom is that as we age, our tendons lose the ability to stretch, but Dr. Clark presents evidence offering a...
Alexander Fedintsev
December 03, 2020
At Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, Dr. Alexander Fedintsev of the Institute of Biology at Komi Science Center gave a talk about collagen glycation. Cross-links caused by advanced glycation end-products such as glucosepane stiffen the extracellular matrix, leading to systemic problems. Dr. Fedintsev provides evidence showing that the stiffened ECM leads to stem cell depletion, cellular...
Journal Club
October 12, 2020
On Wednesday, October 28th at 1:00 PM EDT, Dr. Oliver Medvedik returns with the Journal Club live on our Facebook page; the topic this month is glucosepane breakers and a recent paper that takes a step forwards in making them a reality. The new research takes us a step close to finding ways to remove...
Interview with Alexander Fedintsev
July 15, 2020
Two researchers, Alexander Fedintsev and Alexey Moskalev, have published an expansive review paper in which they propose a new hallmark of aging [1]. The authors draw our attention to a phenomenon that is sometimes overlooked in the context of aging: the accumulation of damage to long-lived molecules caused by the non-enzymatic chemical reactions of glycation,...
January 08, 2020
Some pleasant news has recently arrived: Revel Pharmaceuticals has successfully completed a seed round in order to begin developing therapeutics that target glucosepane crosslinks, which are a proposed reason why we age, develop diseases such as diabetes, and suffer from stiffened arteries and hypertension. In the business of startups, a seed round refers to a...
June 03, 2019
For the May Journal Club, Dr. Medvedik and guests took a look at the recent publication by the Spiegel Lab at Yale University where two forms of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) were successfully cleaved. We also covered this important breakthrough in our article – Reversal of Two Advanced Glycation End Products Achieved. Abstract Advanced glycation end products...