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Tag: Circadian Rhythm

Sleeping Old Man
A new study published in Aging has shown a relationship between the circadian clock and the changes in gene expression with age. Two complex systems and four distinct species This study begins with an introduction to two complicated topics. The first is the circadian rhythm, the biological cycle that corresponds to the day-night cycle of...
Circadian Rhythm Sleep
Today, researcher Victor Bjoerk talks us through his latest published paper, in which he describes a neurodegenerative disease that affects the circadian clock. A circadian clock disease With aging, the brain runs into multiple issues; however, some are more serious than others and cause disease symptoms throughout the body. While aging of some brain areas,...
The circadian clock
Researchers have found that CLOCK, a protein that regulates the circadian cycle of our cells, also fights cellular senescence by promoting chromatin stability [1]. Since its very beginning, life on Earth had to adapt to our planet's natural 24-hour rotation cycle. Rising to the challenge, nature invented biological mechanisms called circadian clocks (from the Latin...
Circadian Rhythm Sleep
A new study may shed some light on how aging and circadian rhythms may be linked by discovering a role for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) in preventing the age-related disruption of circadian rhythms in mice. A circadian rhythm is an automatic process that regulates a cycle of behavioral changes and repeats roughly every 24 hours....