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Tag: ATP

AKG may be a useful supplement for slowing down aging.
Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) has long been a popular sports supplement and is often used in the bodybuilding world, but interest in this molecule has now reached the aging research field due to its central role in metabolism. What is alpha-ketoglutarate? AKG is a naturally occurring endogenous intermediary metabolite and part of the Krebs cycle, which means...
A new open-access study from researchers at the Biomedical Research Centre in the United Kingdom shows how two antibiotics and Vitamin C can be combined to suppress cancer stem cells (CSCs) of the breast [1]. While antibiotics are not normally effective against cancer, and Vitamin C is more well-known for its role in supporting the...
An open-access paper published in Nature Communications sheds light on how an accumulation of α-synuclein protein in brain cells contributes to causing Parkinson’s disease. In particular, the researchers discovered how clumps of the protein damage important proteins on mitochondrial surfaces, leading to impaired energy production, swelling and bursting of the mitochondria themselves, and, ultimately, cell...