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Tag: AgeX

August 20, 2019
It seems that billionaire biotech investor Jim Mellon is the flavor of the month as he continues the drive to create a rejuvenation biotech industry. Jim and his colleagues at Juvenescence have announced that they have secured another $100M for the company, and it will be used to invest and support the growth of promising...
April 01, 2019
Last Wednesday, I landed in Berlin, Germany at around 12:30. About an hour later, I was briefly in Cafè Alex, right next to the tapering TV Tower, where I met some of my colleagues from LEAF—some of whom I had never seen in person before—as well as other volunteers and members of HEALES, our friend...
August 14, 2018
Yet another important investment in the field of regenerative medicine against aging demonstrates the increasing interest of investors in this industry; on August 2, BioTime, Inc. announced that Juvenescence Limited will buy 14.4 million of its subsidiary AgeX Therapeutics' shares for a total of $43.2 million—50% to be paid in cash and 50% with a...