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Science to Save the World – Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars can benefit more than just drivers.

STSTW Autonomous VehiclesSTSTW Autonomous Vehicles

On this episode of Science to Save the World,’s general science show, we discuss autonomous vehicles and how they could reduce our society’s dependence on individually owned cars.

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  1. jimofoz
    May 16, 2021

    Hmmm, I think this article fails to correctly divine that the real problem is not cars, it is roads (although transport has some deceptively complex issues, and a lot of the reporting on it is just superficial and an attempt to draw eyeballs).

    Autonomous driving technology will improve the car transportation experience no doubt, but it may enable another type of vehicle too – the hanging self driving pod or personal rapid transit (PRT) system. This would consist of a series of micro monorails that are cheap to put in the air (unlike roads) with self driving light pods hanging off them. The real advantage of this system is that it is cheap to create a 3D rather than 2D transport nextwork. Current road bridges are very expensive, tunnels are super expensive.

    Have a look at this peddle powered version in New Zealand:

    Also this excellent blog on the subject of PRTs:

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