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Our Third Annual Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020 NYC Conference

Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020 is hosting its third annual conference on aging and rejuvenation biotechnology.

The Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation/, a nonprofit company promoting aging research, is hosting its third annual Ending Age-Related Diseases: Investment Prospects and Advances in Research conference on August 20-21 at the Stern Auditorium of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (New York City, USA).

The goal of this conference is to promote scientific and public discussion in order to foster the development of interventions that target aging and are capable of relieving our aging society from the burden of age-related diseases. Key topics of the conference include biomarkers of aging, discoveries in fundamental research, the development of interventions targeting the root mechanisms of aging, investment strategies, and regulatory issues that are relevant to rejuvenation research.

Morbidity from chronic age-related diseases is increasing proportionally to the aging of the global population, representing a challenge to social protection and healthcare systems around the world. With numerous interventions against aging already in human clinical trials, the rejuvenation industry seems to be reaching the stage of bearing fruit. However, much has yet to be done before our society can benefit from scientific progress in this field.

The list of confirmed speakers includes renowned researchers and visionaries of aging research, such as Aubrey de Grey, Judith Campisi, Steve Horvath, Alexey Moskalev, Polina Mamoshina, Irina Conboy, Brian Kennedy, Vadim Gladyshev, Hanadie Yousef, and Andrei Gudkov.

To better promote scientific research, this year, LEAF/ is expanding the conference and is hosting a poster session so that young scientists can present their ideas to the research community.

Keith Comito, the president of LEAF/, said:

The progress of biological science is turning a corner regarding our understanding of aging. In the last year alone, new discoveries have demonstrated the possibility of partially reversing some negative aspects of aging in humans. Accordingly, the field of healthy longevity is rapidly growing and has the potential to overcome the growing burdens and suffering caused by age-related diseases, which harm the afflicted, their loved ones and caregivers, and the public at large in terms of the socio-economic costs of a graying population. The best time to support aging research is now. We are hosting this conference with the purpose of uniting key stakeholders in the effort to reach low-hanging fruits of rejuvenation research as soon as possible, providing people with evidence-based interventions to slow down aging, and fostering research that will eventually bring all age-related diseases under complete medical control.

ABOUT THE Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation

The Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting life extension, longevity, and aging research through crowdfunding and advocacy initiatives. Its mission is to connect the researchers and scientists developing the latest advancements with the people who support them through initiatives such as To date, more than $390,000 has been collected by in support of eight studies.

LEAF is the most trafficked news outlet covering research on aging and longevity.

LEAF hosts the Rejuvenation Roadmap, a curated database of various drugs and therapies that target the main mechanisms of aging, helping the public to visualize their developmental pipeline through preclinical stages, human clinical trials, and final approval.

LEAF also runs the Longevity Investor Network, which organizes pitch sessions and connects new biotech companies with investors.

To apply for participation in the poster session, please contact the conference director, Elena Milova.

To request press accreditation for the conference or discuss sponsorship packages, please also contact Elena Milova.

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