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MouseAge Longevity Month Updates โ€” Extension, Matching Funds and More!

To coincide with our initiatives for Longevity Month, we are happy to announce some exciting updates for the MouseAge campaign to create a visual biomarker for mouse aging and speed the pace of longevity-focused mouse trials.

Updates to MouseAge:

1. The campaign period will be extended to the date of November 1, which will also match the cut-off for participation in our Longevity Month event.

2. The A.I. engineers on the team , with the support of Youth Laboratories, have decided to volunteer their assistance, pledging to donate their time in developing the machine learning algorithm and software engineering components of this project. This will effectively allow all goals on the crowdfunding campaign to be reduced by $15,000, and the initial goal will now stand at $15,000.

3. Together with a coalition of generous supporters LEAF has built up a pool of matching funds to support the campaign. This means that all donations will be doubled up until the new initial goal of $15,000 is reached. $1,000 in matching funds will be released for every $1,000 donated, so together we can move very quickly to support this important project!

Through the above initiatives we at both LEAF and MouseAge seek to lead by example, and inspire you all to stand up and fight to overcome the diseases of aging together. Thank you, Keith

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Keith Comito

Keith Comito is a computer programmer and mathematician whose work brings together a variety of disciplines to provoke thought and promote social change. He has created video games, bioinformatics programs, musical applications, and biotechnology projects featured in Forbes and NPR. In addition to developing high-profile mobile applications such as HBO Now, MLB At Bat, and most recentlyย Disney+, he explores the intersection of technology and biology at the Brooklyn community labย Genspace, where he helped to create games which allow players toย direct the motion of microscopic organisms. Seeing age-related disease as one of the most profound problems facing humanity, he now works to accelerate and democratize longevity research efforts through initiatives such asย As president ofย LEAF, he is a leading advocate for the increase of healthy human lifespan, participating inย numerousย speaking engagements and press appearances around the world, and working to produce high-impact mediaย projectsย to inform and engage the public regarding this critical topic. He earned a B.S. in Mathematics, B.S. in Computer science, and M.S. in Applied Mathematics at Hofstra University, where his work included analysis of the LMNA protein.
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