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MMTP Finally Gets Government Approval


It has been quite a while since the community had fundraised for the MMTP senolytics project; unfortunately, the start of the experiment was delayed due to a number of issues encountered along the way. However, today, we are delighted to announce that the experiment has been approved and has finally launched!

The COVID-19 situation

To really top this off and add some extra problems, the study was just about ready to launch when COVID-19 made an appearance. Labs were closing down and supplies and deliveries were erratic, but I managed to get everything together and got ready to begin, thanks to all the people and scientists that are still working to make science happen.

Experiment details

A total of 40 C57BL mice will be treated with a combination of senolytics (ABT-263, ABT-199, dasatinib, isoquercetin) and compared to 40 control mice. The mice were all 18 months old when the experiment started. Blood samples have been taken to determine aging marker analyses before the start of the senolytic treatment, and subsequent blood draws will happen during the study to track changes and determine the health of the animals in addition to a range of other murine health parameters.

Stay tuned for more news!

About the author
Alexandra Stolzing

Alexandra Stolzing

Alexandra is the Vice President for Research at BioAge Labs. With over fifteen years in the medical research field and a decade of working with regenerative medicine, she has worked with stem cell transplants and other rejuvenation techniques and is keen to explore new possibilities in the rapidly advancing field of regenerative medicine. Some of her achievements so far include developing a new way of creating iPS cells for clinical use to help develop therapies for aging and also developing stem cell treatments for Alzheimer’s.
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