Longevity and DeSci Recap – August 2023

Upcoming conferences, biotech news, and AI are all big news this month.


Longevity DeSci Aug 2023Longevity DeSci Aug 2023

On the Longevity and DeSci Recap, you’ll discover the latest interviews, insights, and research in the longevity tech sphere over the past month and learn more about topics including blockchain, DAOs, cryptocurrency, DeSci, and events that have been happening over the past month.

The fall breeze may be starting to fill the air, but longevity is only heating up. This August saw two huge conferences in New York City and Dublin that brought together industry insiders and enthusiasts to discuss the latest longevity innovations and the role of decentralized science in the future of human health.

However, it certainly wasn’t all talk and no action. Alongside the exciting announcements and partnerships at the conference, the wider longevity sphere has been busy with new discoveries and funding news set to drive the fall season forward.


Innovation, discussions, and networking opportunities abound as world experts took to the stage to discuss the latest industry trends and achievements. Although the summer 2023 conference season is coming to a close, the year isn’t over yet. Join industry experts at these conferences this fall:

10th Annual Aging Research & Drug Discovery Meeting from Aug 28 to Sept 1: Dive deep into the world of aging research and biotechnology at the 10th ARDD conference. Join in and hear the insights of renowned figures, such as James Kirkland, David Sinclair, Kirsten Fortney, Vadim Gladyshev, and Brian Kennedy on the latest longevity topics. In addition, attendees can join an exclusive Longevity Medicine Workshop where top healthcare experts and trailblazing aging researchers come together to revolutionize clinical practices. Industry experts Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, Daniela Bakula, and Alex Zhavoronkov will be leading the event. Join in to watch online.


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DeSci.Berlin x Funding the Commons: Berlin 2023, Sept 8-9: Promising interactive workshops, hot discussions, and networking opportunities, DeSci enthusiasts can feel at home at DeSci.Berlin this September 8 and 9, 2023. Held over two days, tickets can still be bought online via this link.

Longevity Investors Conference, Sept 27-29: Set among the stunning Alps in Gstaad, Switzerland, this September will see 150 guests joining together to talk about life and health extension along with industry trends and to create new partnerships. The conference’s distinguished speakers will include Alex Zhanavoronkov of Insilico Medicine, Dr. Nir Barzilai of the Institute for Aging Research, Prof. Evelyne Yehudit Bischof of Human Longevity Inc., alongside Eric Verdin, Tom Weldon, and Brian Kennedy. Apply for your seat at the conference here.

Interviews and key videos

Emmett Short talks prevention vs. cure and the role of AI: With the current healthcare system status quo focused on cure rather than prevention, longevity technology enthusiasts are exploring AI to shift the balance. Watch our video to find out how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to identify patterns that humans are unable to see, and which other innovations are in the mix.

Bankless unwraps the mystery of DeSci for the masses: Crypto YouTube channel Bankless tackles the topic of DeSci, giving an overview of what DeSci is, its role in science, longevity, crypto, DAOs and more. Watch for a run down of the basics surrounding the topic.

DeSci Podcast by Molecule with Niklas Anzinger of Infinite: Niklas Anzinger, the founder and GP of Infinite, a Venture Capital fund focused on biotech and crypto (among other things) joins the Molecule team to talk about the VC’s areas of interest, the need for increased regulation, and which regulatory structures could benefits longevity and DeSci long-term. Watch the full video here.


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Longevity investment and development news

Brain health start-up raises $2.1 million in seed funding: Neurowyzr, a Singaporean start-up focusing on early brain decline, raised $2.1 million in a seed funding round. Added to previously raised funds, this brings the total for the company’s planned expansion to $3.3 million, with Neurowyzr saying that funds will be directed to accelerating future product development efforts and the company’s expansion into new markets, namely Southeast Asia and India.

Genesis Therapeutics’ $200 Million Series B round successfully closed: Interest in longevity is growing, with Genesis Therapeutics successfully closing an oversubscribed Series B funding round at $200 million. This impressive funding round is set to go toward advancing the development of the company’s AI platform that uses generative and predictive AI methods to back its Exploration of Molecular Space (GEMS) platform.

Impetus grants closing September 15, 2023: The Impetus grants are now open and offering $24 million for aging science and clinical trials. With the slogan “Bold longevity research. Fast,” the grants provider makes it clear that its interest is projects seeking to create a rapid impact. With decisions made within three weeks and an aim to cut red tape, these grants offer an opportunity to scientists and enthusiasts alike to dive in and kick their research into action. Learn more about applying here.

$86.5 million in Series C round for Viome Life Sciences: With AI at the forefront of its solution, Viome Life Sciences is on a mission to use technology to improve human health and address the root causes of illness. The company uses AI recommendations derived from human and microbial gene expressions to create at-home tests and other health products. The latest funding will go toward further research and development efforts and retail avenues as the company also announced a collaboration with CVS that will see the roll-out of an at-home Gut Intelligence test sold at over 200 store locations.

Tech breakthroughs & new research

New paper discusses how machine learning can help predict life-extending compounds: Recent studies highlight the merging of pharmacology and machine learning in aging research. The authors of a newly-released paper analyzed DrugAge, a database of compounds that could potentially influence lifespan in organisms, with a particular interest on the effects on C. elegans. Using machine learning technology, they identified influential factors like the “Glutathione metabolic process” in aging. Their findings spotlight potential lifespan-extending compounds, such as the antihypertensive drug, nitroprusside. Read more about it in this paper.

Million-molecule challenge: project to rapidly advance longevity intervention discovery: Just like the space race, longevity research is, by nature, working against the clock. Modern medicine needs to target aging and the key could lie in preventative medicine. This new research paper explores how a moonshot project using AI, namely WormBot AI, a cutting-edge robotic and AI data analysis platform that can be utilized to cost-effectively evaluate 1 million longevity interventions in five years. Read more here.

DAOs and communities

VitaDAO’s Longevity Fellowship is back: Want to attend a longevity-related conference, enroll in a specialized program or do something else longevity or DeSci related? The Longevity Fellowship is back. With micro-grants of between $100 and $2000, VitaDAO are offering scientists, students, and longevity enthusiasts the chance to get funding for their interests and hopefully contribute to the future of longevity. For those interested in applying for the program, you can read more about the details here.

Web3 meets DeSci: Although the DeSci world has long been aware of the potentials of Web3, not everyone in the Web3 domain knows about decentralized science and its potential. In December 2023, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, will introduce the DeSci movement to the wider community at the Sora Summit, a Web3 conference hosted by Venture Capital firm Sora Ventures—speaking on the potentials of technology, NFTs, DeFi infrastructure and more. The Summit will take place in Taipei on December 16, 2023 during blockchain week.

World Longevity News

6th Annual Longevity+DeSci conference comes to a close: August 10-11 saw the 6th Annual Longevity summit held by Lifespan.io in New York City. This year the longevity non-profit added DeSci to the title, making it the first Longevity+DeSci event and illustrating the impact of technology on science.

Lifespan’s CEO, Keith Comito, spoke on the potential of new technology solutions that extend beyond the traditional science field and how organizations, such as DAOs, offer scientists a new avenue outside highly competitive funding avenues for their research. He also announced Lifespan’s latest partnership with the Dragon Tyrant P2E game, which the team believe will contribute to longevity research.

Other speakers at the event included Dr. Vadim Gladyshev of the world-known Harvard Medical School regarding his research into longevity and potential treatments, Omar Elnaggar of Weavechain, a Web3 security framework who announced the creation of proprietary NFTs designed to gamify philanthropy donations into longevity science, Dr. Morten Scheibye-Knudsen of the University of Copenhagen who discussed the Longevity Molecule Project, and Yuri Deigin of YouthBio Therapeutics and his organization’s explorations into cell reprogramming.

Innovation and ethical concerns often go hand in hand. This was the focus of Kelsey Moody, the CEO of Ichor Life Sciences, talk. In it he outlines the drug pipeline and issues of ethics when dealing both with innovative therapeutics and working with high-net-worth individuals.

Age is more than a number when it comes to finances: The saying, “age is just a number” has long been used to ease the nerves of people as they get older, and in this respect – rightly so. However, recent data by Transamerica and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) AgeLab indicates that although age in itself might be just a number, knowing how we age may impact our finances.

The survey showed that 92% of respondents valued saving enough money to retire, whilst acknowledging that lifestyle and nutritional habits played a factor in their working-life ability and longevity. At the same time, 54% stated that some of their current habits would need to change to create a sustainable financial future.

Such research about longevity is becoming crucial into how people manage their finances and spend their time over their working lives.

A reward for the best research?: The Amaranth Prize is given to scientists for the best research in longevity. The 2023 Prize will be awarded to scientists with viable topics in any area of longevity, one of which being protein aging. With a $250K prize pool, 15 papers winning in 2022, and 180 influencing papers, the prize sets out to award the best and brightest in the field.

Social media pages

Twitter, now known simply as X, is one of the best resources to keep on top of the latest longevity and DeSci news. Here are our top picks for this month.

Keith Comito’s Twitter: Keith’s Twitter is packed with the latest longevity insights, and he is known as one of the originals in the longevity movement.

CryoDAO Twitter: Dedicated to funding moonshot research projects, CryoDAO is worth a follow to get the latest on new projects and news.

LabDAO Twitter: A while back, we covered the work of LabDAO and how it uses open tools and infrastructure for real-life science. Follow its Twitter to get the latest on their work, progress, and related industry insights.

Coming Soon

August has been a busy month for longevity with two conferences and a massive amount of funding being raised, showing continued interest in lifespan-related science. For people interested in taking action and diving in with new innovative research, the key takeaway this month is the Impetus Grants, closing September 15, which offer scientists the opportunity to fund their longevity projects.

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