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A portion of this coin goes to research with every transaction.



This episode of Lifespan News focuses on a cryptocurrency that is geared towards developing a better future for humanity by financing pro-transhuman initiatives.


They say money can’t buy happiness, but what if we could spend our way to solving the problem of aging? The creators of a new cryptocurrency, which dedicates a portion of every transaction to fund life-enhancing science and technology, want to make it possible to do just that. Find out more in this episode of Lifespan News!

The cryptocurrency, which is being billed as a research and charity-oriented token, is known as Transhuman Coin, or THC. This THC branding is also the reason behind the green color on the website.

The coin was created with the goal of enhancing human life through science and technology. It seeks to accomplish this by redistributing 2% of every Transhuman Coin transaction to coin holders, including the Transhuman Charity Fund wallet. According to the white paper, this wallet will be managed directly by a Scientific Advisory Board and will fund research into Longevity, Age Reversal, AI, and other life enhancement technologies.

Transhuman Coin co-founder Peter Xing says that “The Transhuman Fund Wallet will donate to projects which increase our healthy human lifespans, enhance our intelligence, and improve our wellbeing.”


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Peter is a member of the faculty of Singularity University, is the co-founder of Transhumanism Australia, and works on technology, markets and growth initiatives at KPMG. He co-founded Transhuman Coin alongside Charles Awuzie of South Africa, an entrepreneur described as a biochemist and cybersecurity expert.

The 2% of every transaction redistributed to coin holders and the Transhuman Charity Fund isn’t the only bit taken out. An additional 2% of every transaction is sent to the Liquidity Pool, and yet another 2% is sent to the Marketing Wallet to fund promotional campaigns & buybacks.

They say that a major goal of the project is to build a research center to facilitate cross-disciplinary work between students and experts in science and technology. They hope the center will enhance research opportunities and solve real-world problems. Organizers plan to launch the center by 2023, and expect to decide upon it’s location in December 2021.

In addition, the creators claim that top THC holders will be able to nominate deserving organizations for donation or investments, after which a community poll will enable participants to decide which organizations ultimately receive the money. They also say that these donations and investments will be livestreamed and recorded for transparency purposes, and that they will be regularly audited by external auditors.

Charles Awuzie adds that they “are using the power of cryptocurrencies to fund human enhancement technologies that can positively impact us all. Research into age reversal and longevity is proving increasingly promising, and it is exciting to be supporting initiatives on this front.”


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Transhuman Coin is currently listed on Pancakeswap and Coinsbit. The creators have donated 10 million coins to Lifespan.io, the non-profit organization behind Lifespan News, to support our work. Lifespan.io also accepts THC donations, alongside numerous other cryptocurrencies, on our donations page at lifespan.io/donate.

So, will Transhuman Coin live up to their lofty goals? I guess time will tell, but I think the general idea is a good one, and I’m glad to see that they are expressing a commitment to transparency with their donations and investments. Either way, we’ll be following the developments, and will keep you updated, so please subscribe so you don’t miss out, and we’ll see you next time on Lifespan News!

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