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Our organization is teaming up with the SENS research Foundation to fund new campaigns.


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Ryan O’Shea discusses foundations that use crypto donations to fund longevity science on this episode of Lifespan News.


Giving season is upon us once again, and recently announced, there are new and innovative ways for you to help accelerate the defeat of aging. Two of the most prominent organizations leading the fight against age-related diseases, the SENS Research Foundation and Lifespan.io, have launched end-of-the-year campaigns to support their groundbreaking work. And separately, both organizations have teamed up with Angel Protocol and the Methuselah Foundation for a donation campaign that leverages the power of Web3 and perpetual endowment funds – so your donations can have impact forever.

As another example of the ongoing crossover between the Web3 community and longevity, the SENS Research Foundation’s 2022 End of the Year Fundraiser has launched unique NFTs as a new way to donate.

The NFTs consist of video recordings of cell culture activity in the lab, and this unique “digital bioart” is tied to one of the SENS Research Foundation’s seven damage-repair research programs. Proceeds from the sale of each NFT will fund this research, and if you purchase by December 31st, you can also earn tokens you can use to vote for the SENS research program you would like to receive funding.

This idea is related to ones previously put forth by Lifespan.io founder and President Keith Comito, who has been discussing the potential for new and novel NFT projects to support longevity research for years. For more examples of this, you can listen to his recent interview on the Enjin Room podcast, and hear how Lifespan.io has affiliated NFT projects in the works in his kickoff talk this year’s Ending Age-Related Diseases conference.


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The SENS Research Foundation is also partnering with Life Noggin by Lifespan.io on the creation of short animated videos describing the importance and purpose of each of SRF’s seven damage-repair programs. These videos will help introduce new audiences to longevity science and help grow the movement. Here’s a look at one of those videos.

You can find all of the videos on the Life Noggin YouTube channel.

This partnership is one example of how Lifespan.io is accelerating progress in the longevity field, clarifying misconceptions about aging research, and spreading awareness about the possibilities of rejuvenation biotechnology. Our advocacy foundation has big projects lined up for 2023, but we need your help to turn plans into action! Next year, we’ll be driving three main initiatives: Longevity Community Building, Education and Advocacy (which includes the creation of Lifespan News), and Decentralized Science.

Which initiative is most important to you? Show us what you’d like us to focus on most by donating to your favorite. Find out how lifespan.io, or at the link in the description.

And separate from end-of-the-year campaigns from the SENS Research Foundation and Lifespan.io, both organizations, as well as the Methuselah Foundation, have teamed up with Angel Protocol for a new crypto-focused fundraising initiative. The focus of Angel Protocol is to generate social impact by leveraging decentralized finance to align a global community around shared incentives, and in this case, they are focused on longevity.


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Contributions are currently being doubled thanks to $10k in matches from the Angel Alliance, and 100% of donations go directly to help fight the diseases of aging. Half will be used for anti-aging work that is currently underway. while the rest will be invested in perpetual endowments that will provide ongoing support for this work — forever. Learn more at https://longevity.angelprotocol.io.

Tackling aging is perhaps the most important quest that humanity has ever undertaken, and it’s going to take teamwork and collaboration to get there. We’re excited to partner with the SENS Research Foundation and other leaders in the longevity space to drive progress forward, but we need your support as well. Together we can finally slay the dragon tyrant.

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