Lifespan News – $51k for the Longevity Prize

H.E. Justin Sun joins a growing list of influential crypto donors.


LSN 51k for Longevity PrizeLSN 51k for Longevity PrizeLifespan News – $51k for the Longevity Prize - YT Video

Ryan O’Shea discusses a $51,000 dollar donation from a cryptocurrency investor to the Longevity Prize on this episode of Lifespan News.


Crypto and Web3 are polarizing topics, but regardless of whether you love these technologies or hate them, it is obvious that there is a clear, ongoing, and strengthening connection between Web3 and longevity. Today, we have the latest example of that, as cryptocurrency entrepreneur and diplomat Justin Sun has announced a new donation to the Longevity Prize fund, which will accelerate development in the field of longevity research. The $51k donation that Justin Sun is making to the Longevity Prize follows on the heels of other large scale donations and investments from crypto entrepreneurs to life extension initiatives. The most notable examples may be donations to the SENS Research Foundation that were spearheaded by folks such Vitalik Buterin and Richard Heart, but Vitalik has also joined with fellow Web3 developer Stefan George to support the Longevity Prize. As we covered in our previous episode on the launch of this initiative, the Longevity Prize is actually a series of prizes created to fund longevity science and the researchers behind it. Made possible by VitaDAO, the Foresight Institute, the Methuselah Foundation, and Lifespan.io, the Longevity Prize presents an alternative to traditional research funding and intends to support projects related to improving the human lifespan that may have been otherwise overlooked.

The Hypothesis Prize, which is currently underway until the end of 2022, encourages proposals and ideas for promising areas of future research.

These efforts will be boosted with this new support from Justin Sun, or should I say His Excellency Justin Sun, because he currently serves as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Grenada to the WTO. He is best known as the founder of TRON, and famously placed a record-breaking $4.5 million bid to win a dinner with Warren Buffet in 2019.

Discussing his recent donation, Justin says:


Eterna is a clothing company with a focus on longevity.

We always say, ‘life is too short’ and have come to just accept it. Humans have solved some of the most challenging problems we can possibly imagine. Life is the most precious thing in this universe, and extending the average lifespan will change the world beyond our imagination.

I am proud to support the Longevity Prize and what it stands for because I believe this initiative will definitely bring together the brightest minds to hack the aging code. I look forward to seeing more discoveries on longevity!

This exciting new funding joins a growing list of examples of crypto entrepreneurs and Web3 enthusiasts supporting the longevity movement, and it certainly won’t be the last. To learn more about the prize, and how you can receive some of this funding yourself, visit longevityprize.com.

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