JellyfishDAO to Create Longevity Films and Television

Keith Comito, President of Lifespan.io, is part of this DAO.



A group of award-winning filmmakers, longevity experts, and blockchain developers have come together to launch JellyfishDAO, a new decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on funding and distributing movies and TV shows related to extending health and lifespan.

“We created JellyfishDAO to shift the narrative around longevity science,” said Tim Maupin, co-founder of the DAO. “There are so many misconceptions about life extension, and we believe film and television are the perfect mediums to inspire people with optimistic visions of extremely long and healthy lifespans.”

The core team of twelve includes award-winning film producers Aimee Schoof, Isen Robbins (Tesla), and Daniel Sollinger (Immortality or Bust), longevity pioneers Keith Comito of Lifespan.io and Adam Gries of Vitalism, and blockchain developers Laurence Ion of VitaDAO and Victor Forissier of Polyfire.

Rounding out the core team is Actress and Producer Madeline Bellariu (The Young Pope), director and actress Galia Barkol (Don’t Let the Night End), Actor and Producer Alessandro de Marco (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), and founder and investor Guy Bahat.

JellyfishDAO will function as a fan-driven funding platform for longevity-focused film and TV projects, allowing community members to provide input on projects and share in profits. The DAO is issuing limited NFTs that provide exclusive membership utility including voting rights, access to premieres and events, production credits, exclusive discussions with cast and crew, and more.


Eterna is a clothing company with a focus on longevity.

The first three films confirmed to participate in the DAO are “The Last Generation to Die” – a sci-fi feature film exploring a future where age reversal therapies are becoming reality; “AgeLess” – a feature-length documentary on cutting-edge longevity science; and a feature film thriller titled “Genethic”.

“Our goal is to ignite enthusiasm for the advancements in longevity science and to keep audiences informed about the latest breakthroughs in this exciting field.” said Producer Schoof.

For more information or to acquire JellyfishDAO membership NFTs, visit https://www.jellyfishdao.org/

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Conflict of interest disclosure: It should be noted in the interest of transparency that Keith Comito, President of Lifespan.io, is a member of JellyfishDAO and has a financial interest in the company.
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