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Investing in the Age of Longevity

Today, we are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of Jim Mellon and Al Chalabi’s new book Juvenescence, which covers the field of rejuvenation biotechnology. The book focuses on technologies that will soon arrive, therapies that may increase healthy lifespan, and guidance for investors.

The book offers a comprehensive overview of aging research and how to invest in and profit from rejuvenation biotechnology, a field that is poised to become the next mega-industry.

This book could be very important in promoting rejuvenation biotechnology

This is a very important book, and it has the potential to engage new audiences and increase interest in our fascinating field. Many people are not aware what is happening in the labs right now and how close we are to some truly stunning, game-changing medical advances. This could help to enlighten and enthuse a wider audience and bring in important development capital to help drive progress and scientific advancement.

We were also very pleased to hear that proceeds from the book will go towards supporting charities working in the rejuvenation biotechnology field. This is a really nice gesture and yet another reason to buy the book.

The book will be available on September 25th in the US at Amazon and at and in the UK on Amazon and on their website. There is also a Facebook page supporting the book if you wish to keep up with the latest news from Jim and Al.

We will completely review and discuss this superb book nearer to the September 25th release. Meanwhile, here is a great summary of the book from the authors.

Investing in the age of longevity

โ€œThe science of aging is catching up with the aspiration of ultra-long livesโ€

Is there anyone who doesnโ€™t want to live longer than the apparently allotted time of around 80 years? Is there anyone who wouldnโ€™t want to live in a โ€œwellderly stateโ€ right up till when they die? Not many of us wouldnโ€™t want ultra-long and healthy lives. Well, very soon scientific advances will allow just that. Juvenescence is not just a book or a phenomenon, itโ€™s about to be a fact.

Jim and Al, authors of Fast Forward, Cracking the Code and of Wake Up, alert readers of their new book to the amazing science of Juvenescence, to the prospects for all of us to live much longer than most people expect, and to the ways in which we can prosper as investors in this new era of longevity.

They forecast that average life expectancy in the developed world will rise to 110-120 within twenty years and thereafter, much higher. The old life paradigm of born, learn, earn, retire and expire is about to be radically changed. The entirety of our lives will be upended; we will learn continuously, we will start families later, we will enjoy multiple careers and we will have more time for leisure and self-development.

As technology and biology fuse into ever greater capabilities, the conventional wisdom of lifeโ€™s trajectory will be totally ditched. Retirement will be so last century โ€“ people will work till at least 85, and they will be needed and valued.

The diseases of aging that debilitate so many people after the age of 65 or so will be gradually conquered and rendered rare or chronic. Ageing will soon be regarded as a disease in itself, and therapies designed to โ€œcureโ€ it, some available now, will be commonplace. New techniques, including organ transplantation as a matter of routine, cell therapies and genetic engineering will become mainstream.

Deep learning strategies to develop personalized drugs and to accelerate the development of therapies will sit alongside genetic screening and transform medicine.

Jim and Al describe in detail the processes involved in getting older. Ageing is marked by the progressive loss of physical integrity, lessened functionality and increased vulnerability to disease and to frailty. Ageing is the single biggest risk factor in contracting one or more of the deadly quintet of diseases which are responsible for more than 60% of all deaths in developed countries โ€“ cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and pulmonary disease. At present, there is no central unified theory as to what causes aging at the molecular and cellular level, but with fast advancing tools and analysis, a definitive picture will surely emerge.

This is a time of true transformation and we are lucky to be living through it.

Prophets in the wilderness, such as was Aubrey de Grey until recently, are increasingly being recognized as visionaries and the transcribers of the scientific advance that will be known as Juvenescence.

Jim and Al have conducted dozens of interviews, many face to face, have traveled extensively in the US and in Europe and have distilled a complex science into laymanโ€™s language.

Their book is necessarily quite science heavy, as it has to convey differing opinions and strands of research. it is also a primer on the investment opportunities for all those who would like to prosper from Juvenescence. And it seeks to show readers how they can keep themselves in the best possible shape using existing science in order to bridge the gap between todayโ€™s knowledge and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Long life beckons for all, and for the readers of this book, a long life lived in prosperity is more than just a possibility.

If we are all indeed going to live much longer lives, how are we going to be able to afford it? As Juvenescence is a book for investors, Jim and Al have identified the most exciting investment opportunities and companies that will hopefully provide readers ultra-long-lived portfolios alongside their ultra-long lives!

The biotech recommendations in Cracking the Code, for instance, have served investors very well, and the authors believe that the stocks identified in Juvenescence could do even better.

So, in summary, the book does three things: firstly, describes the current or soon to be marketed treatments that will enable everyone to live much longer than actuarial table currently suggest. Secondly, it outlines the technologies that have the potential for extending life, such as genetic engineering and stem cell therapy. And lastly, Jim and Al have carefully curated three portfolios for interested investors to consider.

This book provides a comprehensive, curated and peer-reviewed compendium of everything readers need to know about aging and how to profit from the rapid evolution in the science of biogerontology.

Live long and prosper!


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Steve Hill

Steve serves on the LEAF Board of Directors and is the Editor in Chief, coordinating the daily news articles and social media content of the organization. He is an active journalist in the aging research and biotechnology field and has to date written over 600 articles on the topic, interviewed over 100 of the leading researchers in the field, hosted livestream events focused on aging, as well as attending various medical industry conferences. His work has been featured in H+ magazine, Psychology Today, Singularity Weblog, Standpoint Magazine, Swiss Monthly, Keep me Prime, and New Economy Magazine. Steve is one of three recipients of the 2020 H+ Innovator Award and shares this honour with Mirko Ranieri โ€“ Google AR and Dinorah Delfin โ€“ Immortalists Magazine. The H+ Innovator Award looks into our community and acknowledges ideas and projects that encourage social change, achieve scientific accomplishments, technological advances, philosophical and intellectual visions, author unique narratives, build fascinating artistic ventures, and develop products that bridge gaps and help us to achieve transhumanist goals. Steve has a background in project management and administration which has helped him to build a united team for effective fundraising and content creation, while his additional knowledge of biology and statistical data analysis allows him to carefully assess and coordinate the scientific groups involved in the project.
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