Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020 July Update


Ending Age-Related Diseases Early BirdEnding Age-Related Diseases Early Bird

We are well into July, so today, it’s time for a catch-up on what has been happening with the EARD 2020 conference. August 20-21st will see the leading experts in aging research and biotechnology investment come together for a virtual conference that will set the standard for future events of this kind.

We have a very special event lined up for you that goes beyond simply being a video call and offers a unique event platform packed with features to explore. We are combining research and investment talks, interviews, exhibition rooms, on-demand video, and discussion panels with networking features and ways to interact with guests to help the flow of information and scientific collaboration needed to drive our field forward.

A sizzling summer offer

The popular early bird offer is back for summer! We are offering people one last chance to save 10% off the price of premium or regular tickets to the conference. Simply use the special offer code SUMMER2020 to get your discount.

Hurry though, as this offer is only available for a limited time; you have from now until 11:59 PM EDT on July 23rd to take advantage of this special price and join us for what promises to be two awesome days of science!


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Even more exciting speakers announced

There are many leading experts speaking, including Brian Kennedy, Judith Campisi, Aubrey de Grey, Steve Horvath, Vadim Gladyshev, and James Kirkland. Since the last update, we have confirmed even more speakers!

Dr. Isabelle Schiffer from the Forever Healthy Foundation is going to be joining us for the conference. Isabelle is the scientific spokesperson at the Forever Healthy Foundation and has been instrumental in building Rejuvenation Now, an initiative that that examines the scientific evidence for various compounds and therapies that potentially extend life.

Tom Weldon, CEO of Ponce de Leon Health, is joining us to talk about the recent that study that his company conducted, in which a modified form of calcium alpha-ketoglutarate was given to participants. According to methylation testing, this treatment appeared to reduce epigenetic age by an average of 8.5 years. Our conference will feature a session in which you can learn more about the fascinating work that this company is doing.

We also have scientist, inventor and biotech entrepreneur Dr. Marco Quarta joining us on the main stage. Marco is the co-founder of Rubedo Life Sciences, a biotechnology company focused on developing “smart” molecules to clear away harmful, inflammatory senescent cells, the proposed foundation of multiple age-related diseases. Join us to find out how his company will develop therapies that can remove damaged senescent cells and leave the healthy cells intact, helping aged tissue and organs to rejuvenate and repair themselves.


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Dr. Eric Leire, the CEO and Founder of GenFlow Biosciences, is also joining us for the conference. The longevity-associated gene SIRT6 functions in multiple molecular pathways related to aging, including DNA repair, telomere maintenance, glycolysis and inflammation. As we age, the activity of SIRT6 declines, and with it, all of these systems begin to falter. The company is developing therapies that can target SIRT6 to boost its activity in order to keep us healthy as we age.

A new video for you to enjoy

To give you a taste of the exciting panel discussions we have this year, we are sharing this never-before-seen panel from last year’s conference. In this panel, a mixture of biotech investors and rejuvenation biotech company leaders discuss the shape of the field and the challenges ahead to become the next mega-industry.

Exciting interviews with thought leaders in the field


Along with the the main talks, there will be several exclusive interviews with leading figures in the field.

We will be interviewing the always energetic and fascinating Michael Greve from the Forever Healthy Foundation at our conference, discussing his mission to demystify anti-aging science through the Rejuvenation Now program and delving into his personal motivations and thoughts about research that might give us all longer and healthier lives.

Michael is an important part of the community, and, thanks to his hard work, a number of exciting startup companies working on aging have been given the opportunity to develop therapies. He is always fascinating to talk to, so be sure to catch his interview during the conference.

Speaking of fascinating people, the futurist David Wood is also doing a special interview with us for the conference. Together, we will be exploring some of the societal concerns that surround bringing aging under medical control and possible solutions to some of them.

We will also be turning our attention to how we can get governments on board with the concept of rejuvenation biotechnology and how we can prepare society for the significant changes that a post-aging world may bring.

We will also have enjoyable interviews with Dr. Daria Khaltourina from the Russian Research Institute of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ronald Kohanski of the National Institute on Aging, and Dr. Mair Underwood from the University of Queensland.

See you in cyberspace

We hope that you will join us for what is going to be a truly action-packed event and one that is sure to set the standards for virtual aging conferences for years to come. Keep an eye on the conference page for more updates as we get closer to the event, and we hope to see you there!

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