EARD2023: Proving Your Philanthropy on the Blockchain

Philanthropy can be permanently, cryptographically proven.


EARD2023 Omar ElNaggarEARD2023 Omar ElNaggarEARD2023: Proving Your Philanthropy on the Blockchain - YT Video

In this talk given at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2023, Weavechain CEO Omar ElNaggar goes into detail on how Weavechain worked together with Lifespan.io’s President Keith Comito to build “Proof of Philanthropy” (PoP) dynamic NFTs – a new type of NFT which powers up based on tracked on-chain giving. These NFTs, built on the Polygon network, exhibit “Demi-Soulbound” properties – meaning that while the NFTs themselves are tradable, the upgradeable parameters of the NFT are based on calculations which are soulbound. If you wish to support this work and help these projects arrive faster, your Proof of Philanthropy NFT can be acquired and upgraded by donating to Lifespan.io at https://pop.lifespan.io.

To do this, we need your support. Your charitable contribution tranforms into rejuvenation research, news, shows, and more. Will you help?