Holiday Wishes from Lifespan.io

Our 2019 Annual Report shows what we've accomplished in five years.


Annual report 2019 front coverAnnual report 2019 front cover

As the holidays approach, I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for being part of our community at Lifespan.io and helping to bring an end to the diseases of aging. 2020 has been a difficult year, but through it all, you have helped us grow into a stronger organization than we have ever been.

On that subject, I am proud to share with you our 2019 annual report, which illustrates the various impactful initiatives that your support has powered during the five short years since our formation, such as crowdfunding over $390,000 for research projects, writing nearly 1,000 articles, and engaging over 11 million people in the mission to overcome age-related diseases.

We are just getting started, and I hope that reading this report will inspire you to stand up to the diseases of aging ever further, to get involved in our mission any way you can, and to fight for our collective future and health as a society.

One truth that this past year has opened my eyes to is that even the lines that we ourselves had drawn regarding what is and is not an age-related disease were too loosely defined. Almost everything is an age-related disease, and we have to work harder than ever to build a world that will see the benefits of overcoming them, together.

Once again, thank you so much for working with me; I am deeply honored. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that you stay healthy and safe.


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You can keep up to date with LEAF activities and achievements by reading our annual report.

You can also download the Lifespan.io 2019 Annual Report.

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Keith Comito

Keith Comito is a computer programmer and mathematician whose work brings together a variety of disciplines to provoke thought and promote social change. He has created video games, bioinformatics programs, musical applications, and biotechnology projects featured in Forbes and NPR. In addition to developing high-profile mobile applications such as HBO Now, MLB At Bat, and most recently Disney+, he explores the intersection of technology and biology at the Brooklyn community lab Genspace, where he helped to create games which allow players to direct the motion of microscopic organisms. Seeing age-related disease as one of the most profound problems facing humanity, he now works to accelerate and democratize longevity research efforts through initiatives such as Lifespan.io. As president of LEAF, he is a leading advocate for the increase of healthy human lifespan, participating in numerous speaking engagements and press appearances around the world, and working to produce high-impact media projects to inform and engage the public regarding this critical topic. He earned a B.S. in Mathematics, B.S. in Computer science, and M.S. in Applied Mathematics at Hofstra University, where his work included analysis of the LMNA protein.