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Announcing and Longevity Summer Camp

This event will feature a week of education and career building. is organizing an educational retreat from July 20 to 24 in Nevada City, California, featuring many luminaries from the longevity world and focusing on community building and enabling attendees to take up careers in longevity. The press release is included here.

Want to start or advance a career in longevity technology development?

LessDeath and Longevity Summer Camp are a new org and event series dedicated to mobilizing more people to build a post-aging future – and you don’t need a PhD in Aging Biology to get involved! Our experienced team of longevity technologists and operators come from diverse backgrounds including physics, software, arts, semiconductors, medicine, and chemistry.

At Longevity Summer Camp you’ll hear the stories of our camp counselors, including their struggles, failures and successes. Our workshops will provide deep dives into the biology of aging, the various technological paths to interventions, the longevity research and business ecosystem, and current bottlenecks to progress (and how they might be cleared). Inspired by Effective Altruism, we’ll work together on our individual career and impact strategies, and LessDeath will do its best to connect you to work and collaboration opportunities that match your talents and interests.

Apply for Longevity Summer Camp at! The inaugural camp is this July 20-24 in Nevada City, California and spaces are limited – but no FOMO, we intend to hold more events/programs in varied locations and virtual.

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  1. Exo
    June 12, 2022

    Is there will be some sort of follow-up of this event here, on I’m not living in USA to attend personally but very much like to learn how I can be involved.

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