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Month: October 2020

Keith Comito and Ronald Kohanski at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020
In this interview at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, Keith Comito interviews Ronald Kohanski of the National Institute of Aging about this government agency's systemic approach to extending healthspan, the time during which a person enjoys a healthy life free of age-related diseases. He explains what his agency does to aid the development of therapies against aging, including public-private partnerships and grants for researchers.
Longevity Dialogues
Today, we want to highlight the Longevity Dialogues, a new series from Seeking Delphi, which is hosted by futurist Mark Sackler and features various notable figures in the aging research and futurist community. Its first episode, which was recently broadcast, featured Sergey Young, David Wood, and Jose Cordeiro. This episode focuses on a possible scenario...
Science to Save the World on Ranked Choice Voting
On this episode of Science to Save the World,'s general science show, we discuss ranked choice voting and how it might encourage more popular candidates, improve election fairness for lesser-known candidates, and reduce the amount of negative campaigning.
Elderly resistance training
A new study published in Aging has shown that although taking metformin while undergoing resistance training limits muscle growth, it promotes youthful gene expression. The downside As the researchers of this study point out, previous research shows that taking metformin while undergoing physical resistance training (PRT) restricts the development of hypertrophy [1]. While hypertrophy is...
Cartilage cells
New research published in Stem Cell Research and Therapy has improved the regenerative potential of chondrocytes in vitro. CartilageCartilage tissue is found in various places throughout the human body, including the ears, the nose, between the ribs, and the trachea. While trauma can compromise cartilage in each of these locations, most cartilage problems occur at...
Lifespan News on Anti-Aging Drugs
On Lifespan News this week, Brent Nally discusses skin regeneration, senolytics in human trials, T cell progenitors that boost the effectiveness of stem cell therapies, antibodies for glucosepane, and big pharma attempting to discover more senolytic drugs. Further Reading Regenerating Skin With a Single Protein A New Senolytic Enters Human Trials T Cell Progenitors Boost...