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Media Partnership Program

Do you have a conference or other event you would like us to promote and help sell tickets for? We can help you do exactly that by making an official media partnership with you for your event.

Why work with us?

We will consider supporting scientific conferences that focus entirely on aging research, geroscience, rejuvenation biotechnology, or biohacking.

We have a great social media network as well as a large industry-focused audience to share your conference to. You could boost awareness and potentially increase ticket sales for your event by working with us to promote your event.

What we offer

  • We will announce your conference in multiple newsletters to our mailing list of highly engaged members of the longevity community
  • Your event will be included in our monthly industry digests – The Rejuvenation Roundup
  • We will announce your event on our social media network to drive ticket sales
  • Your event will also be given an advertising placement where an agreed advertisement linking to your event site will appear in articles on our news outlet. With an audience of over 60k per month and a CTR of 15% your event is sure to be seen by many readers.

We will require suitable artwork to include on our news outlet pages and newsletters.

What we ask in return

In return for our support we will require an affiliate code for ticket sales to be provided which grants us an agreed percentage of each ticket sold. The exact percentage fee can be negotiated during discussion so get in touch today!

And there is an added bonus: Our percentage of sales goes into supporting independent, quality journalism, education, and public engagement about aging research. So by working with us, you are helping to make our community better!

What about small non-profit events?

Small-scale conferences and events which are non-profit based are a different matter and we may provide promotion in exchange for showing us as an official partner on your event site with our logo and a link to our website. If you are running a small non-profit event you are welcome to contact us to see how we might be able to collaborate.