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We invite you to help us to solve the biggest problem in human history: aging. is accelerating progress in the longevity field, clarifying misconceptions about aging research, and spreading awareness about the possibilities of rejuvenation biotechnology. Our advocacy foundation has big projects lined up for 2023, but we need your help to turn plans into action! Next year, we’ll be driving three main initiatives: Longevity Community Building, Education and Advocacy, and Decentralized Science. Which initiative is most important to you? Show us what you’d like us to focus on most by donating to your favorite:
Community Building Box
  • Draw more community members and funding into our field via our high-impact Life Noggin YouTube channel edutainment content.
  • Grow and develop our community by running more public events like our annual Ending Age-Related Diseases conference, symposiums, and educational lectures.
  • Expand our Longevity Investor Network and give entrepreneurs more early-stage investment opportunities.
Education and Advocacy Box
Decentralized Science Box
  • Accelerate the Mindset Project, aiming to test promising non-drug interventions for Alzheimer’s disease using light and sound.
  • Implement a new form of blockchain-facilitated crowdfunding that raises large-scale support for a single targeted project.
  • Build architecture that facilitates first-in-kind crowdsourced clinical trials using physiological biomarkers. Learn more here.

Want to do more to push forward rejuvenation biotechnology and fight the diseases of aging? You can also support us through monthly giving or cryptocurrency donations here. As a nonprofit organization, everything we do is made possible by Lifespan Heroes like you.

Learn more about our vision for 2023:

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