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Join us for the largest online aging research conference!

Even in the middle of the global emergency that is COVID-19, we are staying committed to supporting research on aging – in a safe way. Our third annual Ending Age-Related Diseases: Investment Prospects & Advances in Research conference is going virtual to help the greatest minds from all over the world meet and work together on the solutions to aging!

This work is more important than ever, as COVID-19 is not only a threat to people with age-related chronic diseases. The health damage that it causes to young and old people alike will require reversing, and this is where regeneration and rejuvenation research can help.

On August 20-21 we will meet for two action-packed days of longevity science! Not only will you be able to hear reports from the most credible researchers and investors in the field, you will be able to connect with other like-minded guests, participate in polls, watch interviews on related topics, and more!

Meet the best researchers of aging from home

The Speakers – We are bringing together experts in aging research and investment to foster scientific and business collaborations to develop therapies that target the root causes of aging.

Event Program – Join us for two days filled with insightful talks about how we can end age-related diseases more quickly! A current event program is available here.

Buy Tickets – Registration is now open. Click here to see our ticket options. Want to upgrade your ticket? See how here.

Expand your longevity expertise with this virtual event

Join key thought leaders in the rejuvenation industry, fostering scientific and business collaborations in order to accelerate the development of therapies that target the root causes of aging. Here is what you can expect this year:

  • A main event of over 16 hours of research presentations and discussion panels that offer the latest and most relevant updates from the field
  • Interviews with thought leaders in the longevity field and online poster sessions to showcase up-and-coming research projects
  • Networking features that will allow you to engage in Q&A sessions with the speakers and interviewees, participate in polls, and interact with other participants throughout the event while still being present for the action
  • Access to presentation materials and exclusive early access to videos of all the sessions shortly after the event. This is perfect if networking or other concerns cause you to miss a presentation!

All of this will be available in the safety and comfort of your home, wherever you are.

More ways you can participate

Poster Sessions: If you are a PhD student focused on aging, you are welcome to submit your report for one of the poster sessions. Poster reports will be 10 minutes long. Please send a short abstract of the scientific work that you’d like to present to Elena Milova for consideration.

Sponsorships: Longevity-focused biotech companies are welcome to make scientific reports and to sponsor the event. A range of sponsorship packages is available, please let Elena Milova know if you would like to discuss joining us as a sponsor.

Press Tickets: Representatives of the mass media are also welcome to request press accreditation. If you commit to covering the conference with an article shortly after the event, we will also be happy to list your edition as a media partner.

Meet like-minded people from around the globe

      • If you are a researcher: EARD2020 offers you the opportunity to get an overview of what is going on in various areas of aging research and discuss promising directions and potential blind spots with your peers. Our common goal is to ensure that all bases are covered as we get closer to the possibility of bringing all age-related diseases under medical control.

      • If you are a longevity supporter: We feature the most up-to-date studies on aging and rejuvenation, and we are creating a considerable amount of educational content to help you keep track of new developments, understand the science behind various interventions against age-related diseases, and build your own reliable longevity strategy. On top of that, being among like-minded people and exchanging insights is refreshing!

      • If you are an investor: EARD2020 will feature leading researchers and biotech companies, so you will be able to scout for currently promising opportunities for investment. Detailed presentations will also improve your understanding of longevity science, which will help you navigate the field more easily in the future. There will be talks and a panel discussion that will include investors sharing their experiences of working in this nascent industry.

      • If you are the head of a biotech company: You are welcome to apply to speak at the conference or to support it as a sponsor. In either case, we will do our best to make your company more visible to the longevity community during and after the event, to help you find new partners. Secure your ticket now and join us for an amazing two days of longevity science!

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