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Preventing Oligomerization of β-arrestin-2 Improves Clearance of Tau via Autophagy
February 26, 2020
In today's research materials, scientists report on the discovery of a maladaptive response to the presence of tau aggregates in brain cells, one that makes the situation worse than it would otherwise be. Tau is one of a small number of proteins that can become altered in a way that ensures other molecules of the...
Fight Aging!
February 26, 2020
Hormesis is the name given to the process by which lesser degrees of cellular stress and damage can result in long-term benefits to health. Cells react to molecular damage with greater repair and maintenance activities, and when that damage occurs transiently and minimally, the additional efforts to maintain function outweigh any detrimental effects. This can...
Individual Risk of Dementia is Falling, but an Aging Population Means that a Greater Incidence of Dementia Lies Ahead
February 26, 2020
The risk of suffering many of the most common age-related conditions is trending downwards over time, thanks to improvements in medical technology and public health, but the ever increasing size of the older segments of the population means that the incidence of those age-related conditions will nonetheless grow over time. Growth in the number of...
Immune therapy reduces risk of recurrence in aggressive breast cancer
February 26, 2020
(Queen Mary University of London) An immune therapy for the most aggressive form of breast cancer can substantially reduce the risk of the disease returning, according to a clinical trial led by Professor Peter Schmid of Queen Mary University of London.
Study reveals potential new treatment for patients with metastatic melanoma
February 26, 2020
(University of Cincinnati) Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have uncovered a potentially more beneficial treatment regimen for patients with metastatic melanoma.
Gold nanoparticles detect signals from cancer cells
February 26, 2020
(University of Queensland) A novel blood test that uses gold nanoparticles to detect cancer has also been shown to identify signals released by cancer cells. The technology could enable earlier diagnosis and better treatment.