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This blog is a news aggregation of life extension related articles coming from reputable sources.

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Fight Aging!
Calorie restriction is perhaps the most studied of all interventions known to slow aging, and yet undergoing calorie restriction changes so much of metabolism that it remains a challenge to understand which of the countless mechanisms involved are important. It is clearly the case that the cellular maintenance processes of autophagy are critical, as researchers...
Transfer of Damaged Lysosomes in the Spread of α-synuclein Pathology in the Aging Brain
Parkinson's disease is the best known of the synucleinopathies, age-related neurodegenerative conditions characterized by the damaging aggregation of misfolded α-synuclein. This is one of only a few proteins in the body that can misfold in ways that encourage other molecules of the same protein to also misfold, creating a contagion that can slowly spread from...
Chondroitin 6-Sulphate Gene Therapy Restores Memory Function in Old Mice
The results reported here are intriguing, suggesting that some aspects of the extracellular matrix structure in the brain are of great importance to neural plasticity loss of memory function with age, at least in mice. This is quite novel. Most work on neurodegeneration touches only lightly, if at all, on the structure and composition of...
Fight Aging!
Frailty is a condition with a strong inflammatory component. It isn't just physical weakness, but also the vulnerability of an incapable and constantly overactive immune system, generating inflammatory signaling that disrupts tissue and organ function throughout the body. In recent years, there has been a considerable growth of interest in the gut microbiome and its...
Fight Aging!
An interesting body of scientific work exists to investigate the question of whether or not various forms of electromagnetic stimulation can improve tissue function, particularly in older people. To improve neurogenesis in an aging brain, or enhance nerve regrowth following injury, for example. Taken broadly, the manipulation of cells to specific ends via electromagnetism is...
Proposing Intermittent Fasting as an Approach to Slow Parkinson's Disease Progression
Intermittent fasting strategies, such as alternate day fasting, are known to slow aging in a variety of species. The mechanisms are likely similar to those involved in the calorie restriction response, meaning upregulation of stress responses and cellular maintenance, though intermittent fasting is capable of producing some degree of benefits even when overall calorie intake...