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This blog is a news aggregation of life extension related articles coming from reputable sources.

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Knowledge of cancer diagnosis may affect survival
April 08, 2020
(Wiley) In a Psycho-Oncology study of adults in China with lung cancer, patients who knew of their cancer diagnosis generally survived longer than those who did not.
What are the environmental impacts of cancer drugs?
April 08, 2020
(Wiley) Chemotherapeutic drugs, also known as antineoplastic agents, that are prescribed to treat a range of cancer types, enter the aquatic environment via human excretion and wastewater treatment facilities. A review published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry indicates that very few studies have characterized the effects of antineoplastic agents that are released into aquatic environments.
Loss of Autophagy in Hematopoietic Cells Contributes to Osteoporosis
April 07, 2020
Today's open access paper is an example of one of the less well known connections between processes of aging. Loss of efficiency of the cellular maintenance processes of autophagy is a characteristic of cells in old tissues. Here, researchers note that this dysfunction in the hematopoietic cells responsible for creating blood and immune cells also...
Engineered Stem Cells Survive Longer and Improve Outcomes in a Heart Patch
April 07, 2020
In most cell therapies, the transplanted cells do not survive for long, or in large numbers. They produce beneficial effects, such as reduced inflammation or enhanced regeneration, via signaling that changes the behavior of native cell populations. Considerable effort is going into finding ways to make cells used in therapy survive for a longer period...
Fight Aging!
April 07, 2020
Fibrosis is a characteristic feature of aging, degrading tissue and organ function in the lungs, kidneys, heart, and elsewhere. It is a failure of regeneration and tissue maintenance, involving the inappropriate formation of scar-like collagen structures. Fibrosis is also found in overuse injury in muscle. In the case of aging, recent research has shown that...
Cancer scientists at Purdue aim to use protein power to stop tumor growth
April 07, 2020
(Purdue University) Purdue University scientists have created a new therapy option that may help halt tumor growth in certain cancers such as prostate, which is among the most common types of cancer in men.