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The Achievements of Our Organization

In the few years since our org was launched we have been successful in a number of key areas and have reached a number of important milestones.

Crowdfunding research

Since we launched our research fundraising platform in 2015, we have raised over $750,000 for important aging research and worked with institutions including Harvard Medical School and SENS Research Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of the community,the funds raised have supported nine studies, including topics such as mitochondrial repair, DNA damage, visual biomarkers of aging, and senescent cell clearance.

$750,000+ collected 9 Projects supported 1 Publication resulting 3500+Backers worldwide

Popularizing aging research and longevity

We work to make high-impact collaborations with large-scale content creators on platforms like YouTube in order to inform and engage an ever-widening segment of the population on the topic of aging research and healthy longevity. We welcome the opportunity to work on more such initiatives; feel free to contact us if you are a content creator looking to produce well-informed videos on the subject of aging and life extension.

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This Is How You Could Live An Extra 100 Years – Life Noggin

How Not to Age – Marcello Ascani

Some more of our achievements

As an non-profit org,we are involved in many activities in support of the development of therapies focused on the root causes of aging, here are just some of the amazing things we have been doing.

In 2018, we launched the Rejuvenation Roadmap, a curated database tracking the various therapies targeting the aging processes in order to delay, prevent, or even reverse age-related diseases. The roadmap breaks down aging into nine categories of damage, known as the hallmarks, and shows which projects are targeting which hallmarks as well as how far along the clinical trial process they are. This is your one-stop shop to see how things are progressing and how far we might be from these technologies being available which may bring us increased healthy longevity.

In July 2018, we hosted the Ending Age-Related Diseases 2018 conference at the Cooper Union in the heart of New York City. The conference saw various industry experts and thought leaders come together for an action-packed day of research and biotech business talks and panels. Since then, we have hosted a conference focused on the technology to increase healthy longevity every year. Building on this success, we have hosted a conference every year since.

In early 2018, we created the Longevity Investor Network (LIN), a project designed to create a network of investors interested in aging research as well as identifying promising startups working in the rejuvenation biotechnology and longevity tech space. The LIN meets every month, and new companies working on therapies targeting the aging processes get to pitch to the network of investors; this brings researchers and investors together to help drive progress and funding.

We are always busy advocating for aging research and activism. LEAF Director Elena Milova was featured in Springer with co-author Ilia Stambler in a publication entitled “Longevity Activism”.

There is now an emerging international social advocacy movement dedicated to promotion of biomedical research and development to alleviate aging-related morbidity,extend the healthy period of life,and improve healthy longevity for the elderly population. It is commonly referred to by the activists as the “longevity movement” or “longevity research and advocacy movement,” as well as “healthy life extension movement.” It is a “hybrid” between the aged rights advocacy,patient advocacy, and science advocacy, as it emphasizes the need to implement preventive medicine to improve health care for the elderly around the world via enhanced medical scientific research with a special focus on the mechanisms of biological aging.

The goals of the movement,defined by the organizations,initiative groups,and individual activists representing it,are the following: (a) to increase public awareness of the plausibility and desirability to bring the processes of aging under medical control,thus extending healthy human life span, delaying the manifestation of age-related diseases, and improving health in the older age; (b) to foster the improvement of the local and global legislation concerning health across the life course, aging, health and well-being of the elderly,and medical research with a special focus on the mechanisms of aging; (c) to allocate more public funding to fundamental and translational research on the mechanisms of aging and age-related diseases; (d) to increase the interest of the investment industry in supporting biotechnology companies developing innovative drugs and therapies targeting the underlying mechanisms of aging and thus able to prevent,delay,or cure age-related diseases; (e) to promote clinical implementation of the evidence-based medical and lifestyle means to extend healthy human life span.

The movement embraces the recent advances of biomedical science proving the possibility to intervene into the degenerative processes of aging to slow down, delay, prevent, and reverse age-related damage accumulation and seeks to enhance and accelerate such advances. The movement is still young and emerging and is not yet strongly related to other forms of health-care advocacy. But a stronger relation is hoped for.

If you are interested in learning more about how our organization has developed in recent years, you can check out our annual reports here for a more detailed breakdown of our activities.