GEn1E Lifesciences � Gen-1124

GEn1E, led by Dr. Ritu Lal, has developed a discovery platform for inflammatory & aging diseases that leverages machine learning. Their lead compound is p38α kinase inhibitor, which is being used to target ARDS. ARDS is a lung condition with no FDA approved treatment, a 40%+ mortality rate, and a cost of $100K per patient. p38α kinases have been implicated in the cellular response to stress at many levels. These span from environmental and intracellular stresses, such as hyperosmolarity, oxidative stress or DNA damage, to physiological situations that involve important cellular changes such as differentiation. Given that p38α controls a plethora of functions, dysregulation of this pathway has been linked to diseases such as inflammation, immune disorders or cancer, suggesting the possibility that targeting p38α has the potential to arrest a broad spectrum of age-related diseases as a consequence.