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Sebastian A. Brunemeier

About Sebastian A. Brunemeier

Sebastian A. Brunemeier is a biotech VC and company builder focused on longevity and regenerative medicine. He is Co-Founder and General Partner of Healthspan Capital. He is CEO and Founder of ImmuneAGE Pharma (stealth), focused on immune system rejuvenation. He was Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Cambrian Biopharma, Co-Founder and COO of Samsara Therapeutics, and Principal at Apollo Health Ventures (the first and largest aging-focused venture capital fund in the world with $200M AUM). Altogether, these organizations have raised ±$400M in the last 4 years. He was a Fulbright Fellow on the biology of aging, a Skaggs-Oxford Scholar at the Scripps Research Institute, and a SENS Foundation Scholar at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. His education includes partial DPhil (PhD) training in biochemistry of aging at the University of Oxford as a Clarendon Scholar, a Master’s in Life Science Business Management and Molecular Neuroscience from the University of Amsterdam as an Amsterdam Excellence Scholar. He served as trustee of the British Society for Research on Aging, a mentor at The New York Academy of Sciences, and as an advisor or board member to: VitaDAO/, Equator Therapeutics, Revivo Therapeutics, Shift Biosciences, Deciduous Therapeutics, Vine Ventures, and McKinsey and Company.

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